concerned citizen self-flagellating superdeadgayalien

so glad i found someone that loves me not in spite of the primitive way i eat with my hands, but because of it

forgive me, i maybe 

want to make you oo and ah 

to look at me solemnly, fervently nodding in agreement and understanding that it’s pretty fucking awful and disgusting but it feel ordinarily great to roll in it so as to reek of it

then i’m ready for a hug with a side of tickles

i end my poems weak but i start them strong and four skinned like the dick of my dreams  

you’re in the all-clear concerning sucking it 

life is wondering why i like golden showers 

and life is certainly corruptible

life is the three dimensional magnum opus computer virus 

life doesn’t get any notes and life is not appreciated

blood on a band-aid

or a parrot you didn’t take very good care of 

singing (still)

((let the bodies hit the floor))

i like to split the skin it’s my favorite sin 

but, philosophically speaking yes

i don’t have to fucking listen to you 

, you’re not in charge and this isn’t a meeting okay beat feet off my block, bub

when you were a kid, adults could frighten you with trouble 

but whatever, the real trouble remains to be gained <18 

i’m not sure who you think would bail you out if you’re caught so put cyanide under your tooth cap or please consider doing that 

because adults are frightening and they can experiment on you like aliens and strip you of your human rights like barbarians so i’m holding my breath for aliens

hey how you doing welcome to my planet yes how can i help you see i’m waiting for a man who died on the letter ‘t’ to come back to me oh you’re darling gray things and my what big eyes you have 

limpid black galaxies

shine bright like the star wormwood

or venus, hey do you have a penis 

do you like 


i’m sexually saturated 

what, can we ignite

there are many beautiful girls in college and i suck at talking to all of them

was expecting fellow tortured artist types but a lively bunch constitutes my poetry class 

which is not what i expected 

the class syllabus says we will focus not on the creation of our own poetry, 

but we’ll rather 

-critically study poetry 

-be introduced to the formal elements of poetry by reading a wide range of poems

(my textbook is pretty good but it doesn’t say “fuck” or “pussy” nearly enough)

-analyze how these elements of poetry shape and influence meaning

(poems mean something right)

and in addition to those things, we’ll explore the role of poetry as a literary form and develop and appreciation for its place in culture as well

(this is verbatim from my syllabus, but shit i don’t have room to talk i barely know when to use a comma or place apostrophes to indicate ownership)

one guy rapped himself an introduction, it wasn’t me and the fellow in question is now my friend. there wasn’t time for my introduction but i was dreading giving one and content to hear about the people behind the lovely faces, my diverse ass juco poetry class

(i wasn’t worried about making friends but i’m glad i made one all the same) 

i wonder why flies like shit 

i wonder if they feast on my excrement out in the yard 

bet there are lots of flies in hell 

flies that aren’t quite torturous but definitely a pestilence

stretched over an eternity, annoying can be maddening  

i’d like to believe in hell because the idea of justice is enticing, yes? 

otherwise stalin, pot, popper, hitler, and might of become butterflies and now live among the colorful crocuses and tulips in a charming glen or dale, some lush low valley 

murderous people could be small silver fish perusing through a sea of tanned legs and asses by the beaches of Sao Paulo during hot, celebratory times 

some people want to see justice served but rarely get it right on earth

maybe something is next

man i hope it doesn’t hurt